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 Puzzle pieces with the logos of Marello and the OroPlatform


Open Source Solution

Marello is built on the OroPlatform, which gives us the freedom to keep on improving our DOP solution.

OroPlatform is an open source platform made for rapid application development. Built using PHP – on the well known Symfony framework – OroPlatform gives developers and businesses a jump-start for building web applications that solve specific business problems.

Key Benefits

  • Business Application Platform
    The OroPlatform offers complete flexibility in architecting and developing custom applications. The platform offers the flexibility to build all the features needed in our custom application.

  • Open Source
    OroPlatform is completely open source, which means customers have options when creating or deploying Marello. We believe in the open source philosophy.

  • All Features to Get Started
    The OroPlatform has offered us the basis for many of our features such as a configurable admin, personalized menu structure, customizable reports, workflows, advanced customizable grids, and more.

  • Flexible, Extendible, and Easy-to-Use
    Built on Symfony - the high-performance PHP framework - the OroPlatform gives our developers a full tech-stack for building responsive web applications.