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 A laptop with code and a ruler showing that Marello is open source

Why Open Source?

A powerful and flexible solution

At Marello, we very much believe in the value of open source technology. By making the source code of the Marello Community Edition public, and developers using and improving it, our solution is growing powerful and flexible than ever. Users can download the Marello Community edition to try out the powerful Unified Commerce solution. Marello leverages the powerful open source technology of the OroPlatform.

Key Benefits

  • Community
    Marello’s open source solution has a thriving community, driven by a common goal to work together to improve a solution that both the enterprise and the community benefit from. Join the community chat to enter the discussion!

  • Transparency
    Open code means that you have full visibility into the code base, as well as all discussions in the community. In this way, you' are protected against lock-in risks and can see exactly what you're getting.

  • Reliability
    Because there are more eyes on it, the quality of the source code is known to be more reliable.

  • Flexibility
    Our technology gives business the flexibility to adapt the code to their specific needs. This means that the code can be creatively used and repurposed, if necessary. Also, scaling up or down is not a problem as the code does not know any restrictions.

  • Faster time to market
    Open solutions such as Marello, are built to enable smooth integrations which result in fast implementations. This means saving valuable time and money!