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 A laptop with code and a ruler showing that Marello is open source

Open Source Order Management System

A flexible and feature rich OMS

Increase efficiency, handle order across sales channels and perfect the customer experience all in one centralized platform. Use Marello’s open source Order Management system to gather detailed information across sales channels such as brick-and-mortar stores, webshops, and marketplaces, to ensure a smooth order process for your customers.

Key Benefits

  • Open Source
    Your OMS should let you adapt its assets to your business needs. Seamlessly use features customized for your store and focus on developing those pieces that matter to you most.

  • A Complete Order Management System
    Ensure consistent, efficient order management across online and offline Sales Channels. Set in place multiple fulfillment types throughout the order lifecycle.

  • Customer Satisfaction
    Increase customer satisfaction by offering the service they are looking for with efficient inventory and order management, and flexible order fulfillment options.

  • Returns & Refunds Management
    Improve customer satisfaction and lower return rates with Marello’s comprehensive return & refund workflows.

Why use an Open Source OMS?

At Marello, we believe in the power of open source technology. By making Marello’s source code public, our solution is stronger and more flexible than ever.

Marello’s open source OMS has a growing community, driven to work together to improve a solution that both editions of Marello benefit from. Join the community chat to enter the ecosystem! Our technology provides businesses with the flexibility to adapt the code to their needs. This means that the code can and may be creatively used.

Also, scaling up or down is no obstacle as our open source code does not know any restrictions. Open solutions such as Marello, are built to enable smooth integrations which result in fast implementations. This means saving valuable time and money!

Want to know more?

Looking to learn more about Marello’s Open Source Order Management features? Take a look at our page about Order Management or visit the full feature list.

Full Feature List