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What is an Open Source ERP?

Marello is an open source ERP system. Open source means that Marello’s source code is publicly available. The open source model allows everyone to access the code and customize it to their own needs, without paying license costs, as is usually the case in closed source programs. The term open source was coined by the ‘Open Source Initiative’. You can read all about in on their website.


What is open source ERP and how does it work?


  • Our developers have initiated the development of Marello’s software. They placed the code on GitHub so that other developers can access the code.
  • People who are interested in working on the software can copy the source code.
  • Changes can be made to the original code. Once there is a successful change, the new piece of code can be offered back to our developers.
  • They check whether the new code works and whether it should be added to the standard version of Marello.


All changes are checked, and tesed in various scenarios. In order to guarantee Marello’s quality, new code is always double checked.


As the code is open source, people from all over the world can contribute to the software. The contributors are part of our community (amongst partners and users). With their knowledge, the community is one of the most important parts of any open source project.


The community does not only work on the core code exclusively. Often the community develops software that can work together with the ERP system. In Marello’s case you can find these extensions in the marketplace. These extensions are free to use.

What are the advantages of an Open Source ERP system?

Open Source ERP systems are unique because of:


  • Flexibility and scalability: open source software offers multiple ways to solve problems. You can start small, and keep on shaping the software to your needs.


  • Cost effectiveness: Open source software is generally more cost-effective than other solutions.


  • Community: Always be sure of the latest must-haves and techniques as our developers and the community keep Marello up-to-date.


  • Security: With help of the community it is our job to keep up with security standards!
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