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 Marello in a laptop surrounded by sales channels and warehouses to portray omnichannel commerce management and multichannel commerce management

Omnichannel Commerce

Seamless customer experiences in all channels

When you selling in multiple online and offline channels, managing omnichannel commerce operations can become a challenge. In order to keep track of orders, inventory, and customers in all channels, an integrated solution needs to be in place. Marello offers a solution to cater to your omnichannel strategy in one unified solution.  

Benefits of Omnichannel Commerce

  • Omnichannel Customer Experience
    In order to keep pace with customer expectations, businesses need systems that do not view touchpoints in isolation but as part of a seamless customer journey. Use Marello to managing all omnichannel touchpoints in a single interface.

  • A Unified Platform
    Eliminate the use of too many systems to manage omnichannel processes. A Unified Commerce platform makes sure that fewer systems need to be in use, as well as serving as a hub in which business operations come together.

  • Omnichannel Orders & Inventory
    In an omnichannel environment, keeping track of orders and inventory can be hard. Marello ensures consistent and efficient order management across channels throughout the order lifecycle while keeping track of your inventory in real-time.

  • Sales Channel Management
    Marello allows you to manage sales channels in real-time. Eliminate manual entry and scattered data management, expand into new territories and increase revenue.

Omnichannel Commerce in a Single Platform

Traditionally, commerce is based on a single-channel marketing model: the retailer sells its products to the customer through a single channel. In most cases, this is a store location or webshop.

These days many other channels have come into play, such as social media channels, marketplaces, apps and more. Customers expect a seamless experience in the sales channels they shop in.

Using a unified platform helps businesses to deliver the omnichannel they are looking for. Replacing legacy applications with a single commerce solution allows for managing all commerce back-office processes in one single view.

Omnichannel Management

  •  Omnichannel commerce shown by a laptop surrounded by sales channels

    Sales Channel Management

    Manage all channels in real-time

    Add an manage any sales channel such as webshops, marketplaces, and brick-and-mortar stores, within a single solution. Marello allows you to sync data and automate omnichannel processes in real-time. This eliminates manual data entry and scattered management, saves valuable time and allows you to expand into new territories.

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  •  Boxes representing Order Management in a unified commerce management solution

    Omnichannel Order Management

    Keep track of the order lifecycle

    Handle orders coming in through all sales channels, allow for pick-up in-store, streamline returns and much more. Marello’s omnichannel solution sets in place a centralized place to manage orders from all sales across channels. Process information from your brick-and-mortar stores, webstores, and marketplaces, to provide an optimal order process for your customers.

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  •  Inventory Management, with multi-warehouse management represented as boxes on a world map

    Inventory Management

    Sufficient inventory levels

    In many cases, omnichannel businesses have inventory spread out across various locations. It can be time consuming to control and oversee the inventory, the storage of inventory, and controlling the amount of product for sale. With Marello’s inventory capabilities, sufficient inventory levels can be ensured in all channels.

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  •  Customer management shown by a customer surrounded by ecommerce icons

    Customer Management

    Flexibility to track any customer

    Omnichannel customers shop in all your channels, and you want to keep track of them. Whether you are focused on B2B, B2C, or both, Marello’s integrated Customer Management offers flexibility to track any customer while also boosting their customer experience.

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  •  A truck with boxes showing omnichannel commerce fulfillment

    Omnichannel Fulfillment

    Flexible shipment capabilities

    Assign orders efficiently from the inventory, regardless of whether the order was placed online or in another store location. Choose preferred shipping methods, whether you ship from a central warehouse, dropship or fulfill orders from a brick-and-mortar store. With Marello’s order fulfillment system, fulfillment can be managed from a single unified platform.

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Omnichannel Management in a Single Platform

Offering a seamless customer experience through multiple sales channels, that is the goal in our omnichannel solution. Instead of using multiple software solutions across platforms, a central real-time omnichannel commerce management platform can now be used. See it for yourself and request a demo.