Omni-Channel Order Management - Marello: Order Management System
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Omni-Channel Order Management System for Business


How Marello’s omni-channel Order Management System can help to improve your business.

The ways in which products are being marketed and sold have changed dramatically over the last years. Omni-channel Order Management System for retail is seen as an opportunity for retailers to assure their future success.


Marello has a set of comprehensive features that will help to streamline back-office processes. Its unique capabilities to support and enhance omni-channel Order Management processes for business. Use Marello to your benefit by using its omni-channel Order Management capabilities to track and manage international inventory across multiple online and brick-and-mortar stores, manage all your warehouses, manage returns and refunds and use Marello’s reports in order to never run out of stock.


Whether you are a small business with one store and a webshop, or a multinational with multiple sales channels, Marello’s omni-channel Order Management will fit your business needs.

Companies with omni-channel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies without a omni-channel strategy.

Buying online, and then picking up in store is the key to omni-channel retail success. 50% of customers want to buy online, and pick up in a store!

Mobile shopping is becoming increasingly important. 71% of in-store shoppers who use smartphones for research say their device has changed their in-store experience.

Omni-channel shoppers that buy products on multiple channels have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel.

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