Omni-Channel Order Management System - Marello: Order Management
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Omni-Channel Order Management System

Marello is built for omni-channel businesses.

A seamless multi-touchpoint experience (e.g., smartphones, tablets, and both physical stores, marketplaces and webshops) plays a key role in online purchases. 95% of customers who have a low-effort service experience will buy from that same company again.


With this in mind, Marello allows retailers to establish a clear-cut customer and brand experience with a consistent information stream for all touchpoints. For instance, businesses can make the same promotions available regardless of what sales channel their customers prefer, making sure every touchpoint is connected with the other so that customers can always continue their journey.


With Marello, businesses can also utilize multiple stock locations and treat them as a single source of supply. This will ensure that the total product supply is available for sale in all sales channels.

  • Multiple Sales Channels
    • Set up multiple sales channels
    • Assign a currency
    • Set up Sales Channels as Warehouses

  • Multiple Warehouses
    • Create multiple warehouses
    • Assign products to warehouses
    • Optimize inventory levels

  • International Support
    • Currency
    • Language Settings for Email Notifications
    • Tax/VAT

Creating an Omni-Channel Experience

Rather than deploying new IT systems every time a new channel is set up, Marello unifies and centralizes processes across all channels. Each stage of business is supported, including eCommerce, Order Management, Inventory Management, Return and Refund Management, and Customer Support. The outcome is a system in which the user, as well as the customer, get the same experience across channels, no matter the location.


In order to provide customers with an omnichannel experience, companies need a core technology in which omnichannel back office processes come together. Marello’s features have all been designed to support omnichannel commerce. These features include:

Order Management

Marello’s order management system provides a way to increase efficiency and improves customer experience across channels. Order information from various sales channels come together in one hub. By creating a unified view, information that is needed for a smooth order process is easily available.

Inventory Management

Finding the right balance in inventories across warehouses and sales channels is a demanding task. Marello provides comprehensive inventory tracking, analysis and an automated workflow help to keep stock levels balanced.


By calculating much stock is needed in warehouses, Marello makes sure you will never have to deal with too little, or too much, products in the inventory. Marello’s inventory forecasting uses calculations to produce forecasts of items that are expected to sell during a specific period. It takes into account certain trends, such as seasons, holidays or special events which can change sales demand.

Return & Refund Management

Having multiple sales channels also means having to deal with omnichannel returns. Customers may buy products online and want to return them to physical stores. In order to facilitate omnichannel return management, Marello treats all channels as one, using an efficient returns stream.

Business Intelligence

The importance of analyzing data and writing reports has become essential for omni-channel businesses.  Gathering information is one of the main goals of ERP systems, as it caters the strategies that are required to reach business goals.