Our Mission - Marello: Open Source ERP for Commerce
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Our Mission

Marello is an Open Source ERP for Commerce. It is designed for webshops, as well as omni-channel retailers. Our mission? Providing retailers with a better grip on their business processes. Marello will meet your retail needs and boost your business.

In the many years that we have been active in the world of e-commerce, we have regularly seen retailers struggle with their back-office processes. Existing solutions often turn out to be less flexible and future-proof than expected and don’t keep pace with the new dynamics of retail.


We decided to build an ERP solution that actually delivers what it promises: meeting retail needs and boosting business. Marello is that solution, designed for webshops as well as omni-channel retailers looking for a better grip on their business processes.

Streamline Back-Office Processes

Open Source

Future Proof

Scalable & Flexible

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