Marketplace - Marello Open Source Order Management System
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In our marketplace, you will find an expanding list of applications you can integrate with Marello.

Magento Marello Bridge

Magento 2 Bridge

Connect Magento 2 to Marello through the API.



Created by: Marello
Magento1 Bridge with the logo's

Magento 1 Bridge

Connect Magento 1 to Marello through the API.



Created by: Marello

OroCommerce Bridge

Connect Marello to OroCommerce through the API.


Created by: Marello
eBay Marello Bridge

eBay Bridge

Add eBay as a SalesChannel in Marello.



Created by: Marello
Taymiya Extension

Taymiya PDF Manager

Create and Manage Documents and Templates.



Created by: Ibnab
Marello Marketplace Extension

Created your Own?

Let us know and we’ll add it to our marketplace!