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Marketplace Management

Sell on any Marketplace

Selling products via marketplaces is an increasingly important part of the e-commerce strategy. With Marello, you can manage all your marketplace sales in one unified platform. Whether you are just starting out with marketplaces or when you are ready for the next level, marketplace management will help you to streamline your operations.

Whether you are selling on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba or any other marketplace - with Marello you can see what orders are coming in, adjust inventory in real-time and set up fulfillment rules. Integrate with any marketplace and maximize your sales potential anywhere in the world.

Sell in any Marketplace

  • Add any Marketplace

    Selling on multiple marketplaces? Marello integrates with any marketplace, whether large (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc), or niche. Add them to Marello and handle inventory, orders, catalogs, and fulfillment without having to log in & log out multiple times. Use a single dashboard to view and manage all marketplace processes.

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  • Real-Time Product Feeds

    Easily collect, structure and standardize product data. Optimize your product feed for each marketplace and always have the right data going to the right channels. Want to change what products are sold in marketplaces, want to update prices or show different images? No problem, Marello’s marketplace management solution has got it covered.


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  • Streamline Processes

    Sync all processes that are involved in selling products on marketplaces. Keep track of orders coming in through all marketplaces, benefit from real-time inventory changes, streamline shipments, monitor customers, handle returns and much more.

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Benefits of Marello's Marketplace Management Software

  • Easily add any marketplace to provide an additional channel to market and sell products.

  • No need to work in multiple platforms: manage orders, inventory and fulfillment in one unified platform.

  • Integrates seamlessly with marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and more.

  • Choose a revenue stream that best fits your market niche that aligns with business goals.

  • Balance supply and demand, allocate inventory to sell in your marketplaces.