Manufacturing Order Management System - Marello: OMS
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Marello – A Manufacturing Industry Order Management System

In the manufacturing industry competition is high and customers are demanding increasingly low prices and short delivery times. In order to stay on top of their game, manufacturers need systems that can support complex back-office processes.


Marello’s Manufacturing Order Management System allows businesses to streamline manufacturing resources, optimize their inventory levels, support international trade and more.

The Advantages of Using a Manufacturing ERP

Marello’s Order Management System streamlines processes improves productivity and increases customer satisfaction. It is designed to specifically serve the manufacturing industry’s businesses needs.

It uses a single database that allows a centralized view of what’s going on. Marello provides a dynamic, unified, and strategic view of the manufacturing businesses. Various elements are designed to interact, such as order management, purchasing, shipments and customer interactions.

Inventory Management


For manufacturers, it is crucial to have a clear view of their inventory. Having too much inventory costs money while having too little stock can increase delivery times and disappoint customers. Marello keeps track of inventories and forecasts inventory demand.

Balance Stock


Track your inventory mutations and avoid overstocking, understocking and overspending. A manufacturing ERP which includes inventory management helps to keep inventory balanced across multiple warehouses. Use Marello’s inventory management automation functionalities to minimize the likelihood of human error.

Global Trade


Use Marello to streamline your international business operations. Set channel specific currency, tax and vat rates, languages and transportation rules. Enable and support cross-border business for the manufacturing industry.

What Order Management features are included?

The core functionalities consist out of:

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