In-Store Fulfilment: Marello Order Management System
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In-Store Assistant

Marello’s In-Store Assistant helps retailers to provide in-store fulfillment and exceed customers expectations.

In the omnichannel world, customers expect a seamless experience both offline and online. They want to order products online or in-store and want to have access to the item as quickly as possible. They expect the flexibility to have it delivered to their homes, or pick it up themselves.


As a result, retailers have to make changes to their processes. One of these changes is to be seen in in-store fulfillment: fulfilling and shipping order from their brick-and-mortar stores.


The benefits of adopting this strategy are easy to see. In-store order fulfillment decreases shipping costs, increases the speed of delivery, allows customers to pick their order up from the store as well as return items.

  • Ship from store
    • Order information
    • Pick and pack functionality
    • Label printing

  • Pick up in store
    • Order notifications
    • Customer information
    • Customizable workflows

  • Return to Store
    • Return notifications
    • Collect return reasons
    • Return items to inventory

  • Inventory Agility
    • Order Routing
    • Real-time inventory levels
    • Cross-channel visibility