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 Inventory Management, with multi-warehouse management represented as boxes on a world map

Warehouse Management

Manage your warehouses efficiently

With Marello's Warehouse Management you can keep your operations simple, efficient, and profitable. Track your inventory levels in real-time, assign orders, sync inventory, pick and pack, and more. Manage inventory in your warehouses efficiently with a Digital Operations Platform.

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    • Manage multiple warehouse locations
      Multi-warehouse inventory management keeps track of inventory levels across warehouses to ensure a smooth-running business.

    • Coordinate inventory shipments
      Manage incoming and outgoing shipments within one unified platform.

    • Track inventory in real time
      Keep track of inventory mutations across warehouses in real time. Access inventory information from multiple warehouses in an easy-to-use interface.

    • Optimal inventory levels
      Never run out of stock. Calculate optimal inventory levels for all warehouses, re-order, and update stock levels in just a few clicks.

    We have 35 sales channels, including 27 inventory locations. We were looking for a system to strengthen our omnichannel proposition. We chose Marello because it offers many powerful features that we needed out of the box.

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    A Flexible Solution

    Efficient Warehouse Management

    The Coffee Mate is an international omnichannel retailer of coffee and coffee machines, operating in Europe under locally created names in each market. They focus on extraordinary sales experience and high-quality production. With Marello, they put in place a DOP which helps them to manage all of their warehouse operations within one platform.

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    •  A screenshot that shows Marello's real time inventory management in Marello

      Real-time insight into Multiple Warehouses

      Powerful Insights

      A Digital Operations Platform gives you a complete overview of inventory mutations. It enables your business to react quickly to supply chain needs. Real-time inventory management records sales and purchases of inventory.

    •  A screenshot of replenishment in Marello

      Optimized Inventory Levels

      Multi-warehouse capabilities

      In commerce, inventory management is a very important process. Getting it right costs you a lot of time. Balancing your inventory is very important but also very hard. Having a very low inventory level means missing important sales while having too much inventory leads to spending more on storage or reaching expiring dates.

      Marello’s multi-warehouse inventory management software allows you to track demand in sales channels and set inventory levels accordingly. Make sure you never run out of stock.

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    •  A screenshot of multiple inventory locations in Marello

      Inventory in Brick-and-Mortar stores


      Brick-and-mortar stores are a very important piece of your omnichannel strategy. With Marello’s warehouse management, you can use stores as warehouses. This allows for special abilities such as ship-from-store, buy online pick up in-store, return in-store, refund in-store, and much more.

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