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 unified commerce management a computer screen surrounded by channels

Unified Commerce

A unified experience

Unified Commerce helps businesses in a world where customers are changing their buying behaviour at an unprecedented speed. Shoppers expect unique experiences across multiple sales channels. Offer an ultimate omnichannel experience with an innovative solution to unify back-office operations.

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    Why Choose An Unified Commerce

    • Use fewer systems
      An OMS, CRM, Inventory Management systems and WMS in one.

    • One central place for business operations
      One unified solution for managing Sales Channels, Orders, Inventory, Customers, and much more.

    • 360 view on customers
      Learn about your customer's habits, track their orders, returns, and their contact with customer service representatives.

    • Save valuable time and costs
      Having all operations in a central platform means having less manual actions, and less maintenance costs.

    Using Unified Commerce has resulted in simplified operations, saving precious time, while also cutting back on maintenance costs. It has enabled a better focus on sales processes, leading to a significant increase in sales.

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    A Flexible Solution

    A Success Story

    Recommerce Group was dealing with decentralized management of omnichannel back-office processes. They sell their products in a B2C webshop, B2B webshop, and marketplaces.

    They were looking for a unified platform to manage their sales and streamline their inventory, order management, offline B2B orders, supplier management, and invoices accordingly.

    All cases
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      Unified Commerce Advantages

      Your business in a single view

      Marello’s Unified Commerce offers you a single view of your inventory and orders in all channels you sell in such as apps, webshops, marketplaces, and brick-and-mortar stores. Regardless of the channel customers choose to shop in, Marello provides a single view of customers, their buying history, and personal information.

      Get total control over your omnichannel operations with a Unified Platform.

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