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Returns Management

Efficient Reverse Logistics

Marello’s Returns Management software solution takes care of returned products. Oversee the return process from beginning to end. From a return coming in, to the customer getting his money back, and adding the item back to the inventory. Get a better relationship with customers by making returns and refunds a hassle-free experience. 

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    Benefits of Marello's Returns Management

    • Accelerate the Returns Process

    • Powerful Insights into Return Reasons

    • Reduce Returns Processing Costs

    • Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Using a DOP has resulted in simplified operations, saving precious time, while also cutting back on maintenance costs. It has also enabled a better focus on returns management, leading to a higher customer retention.

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    A Flexible Solution

    A Happy Customer

    Recommerce Group was dealing with decentralized management of its omnichannel back-office processes. They sell their products in a B2C webshop, B2B webshop, and marketplaces. With Marello, they now have a unified platform to manage their sales and streamline their inventory, order management, offline B2B orders, supplier management, returns & refunds, and invoices.


    All cases

    Effective Returns Management

    Reverse logistics can be managed efficiently if there is an overview of all returns processed within one interface. Returns management includes various supply chain processes that are associated with returns and refund logistics. Besides the fact that returns management allows businesses to manage reverse logistics efficiently, it also analyzes data to optimize processes and reduce costs. 

    Reverse Logistics Process

    There are many different reverse logistics strategies and a flexible workflow engine makes sure you will be able to support them all. Whether your strategy includes Return Material Authorization (RMA), Return Merchandise Authorization, Return Goods Authorization (RGA), or Return Authorization (RA). Marello supports any reverse logistics process.

    Refund Management

    Usually 30% of all ordered items online get returned. Most of the time this means providing the customer with a refund. Therefore it’s important to have a system that can process the refund as efficiently and easily as possible. 

    Marello’s Returns Management tools allow you to generate refunds from the customer’s original sales order. All the information you need is accessible in one interface. Give your customer the best refund experience they could wish for.

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