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 A Tshirt surrounded by variants such a color, price and size

Product Management

Unify Product Listings

Maintain consistent product information across sales channels with a master list of your products. With Marello’s Product Management, it is possible to establish a single place to create and manage your product information and distribute it to your sales and eCommerce channels.

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    Key benefits

    • Expand your product offerings

    • Establish a single place to manage product information

    • One platform to list products on any sales channel

    • Easily add new attributes to your products

    • Speed up the time to market

    • Increase sales conversion rates

    Marello streamlines Skil’s sales channel selection for its products. It ensures efficient management of the product catalog and transactional product data. This saves country managers valuable time and leads to fewer manual errors.

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    A Flexible Solution

    Skil has a complex product catalog with products that are sold worldwide. To ensure a product is suited to a certain market, Skil sells its products in many variants due to country regulations. Marello allows them to do so swiftly and without error.

    All cases

    Create and manage products

    Use the powerful Product Management module to create products, add prices, taxes, variants, and categories and determine in which sales channels products should be sold. Create a single place to manage your product information and distribute it to your sales channels.

    Create and manage products in Marello's product management

    Product Listings

    Managing products can be a time-consuming task. Make it more efficient and use one platform to list products on any sales channel: marketplaces, eCommerce, social media apps, and more.

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    Creating Products

    Get a comprehensive overview of how many items are available and assign them to sales channels and warehouses. Create products by adding them manually or by importing your product information.

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    Oversee and control all your products by using powerful Product Management capabilities. Adding products in the right category makes sure they end up at the right location in your sales channels.


    A variant group is a group of products having common attributes, for instance, a variant group of t-shirts can include the same model of t-shirt ‘V-neck t-shirts’ with variation axes: color and size.


    Get a structured overview. Assign similar attributes that belong to a family specifically by setting families within your catalog.

    Attribute Management

    Want to assign attributes to your products? Use the powerful attributes manager to easily add new and existing attributes to your products.

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