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 Boxes with a line to pinpoints to portray order management in marello

Order Management

A Unified Order Platform

With the Order Management system tools you ensure a smooth order process for your customers. You can gather information from your webshops, brick and mortar stores and marketplaces. Use one centralized platform to manage your order from all sales across channels. It increases efficiency of Order Management operations, improves order fulfillment and perfect the customer experience.

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    Key Benefits

    • Consistent, efficient order management
      Order Management is at the heart of any commerce business. Save precious time by automation any order process.

    • Keep track of the order lifecycle
      Efficiently manage orders from start to finish.

    • Manage returns and refunds
      Processing these returns quickly, accurately, and efficiently is what every retailer is looking for.

    • Omnichannel ready
      Keep track of orders across Sales Channels, such as brick-and-mortar stores, web stores, POS, marketplaces, apps, social media, telephone, email and more.

    • Customizable and flexible
      Marello’s flexible workflow enables you to customize the order workflow to suit your specific needs.

    With Marello's OMS Monthlyclubs went from manually handling every order, to fully automated for their orders. Their team now has the time to focus on things that really matter, such as helping customers find the right products.

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    A Flexible Solution

    Success Story: Monthly Clubs

    MonthlyClubs has been a family business for over 25 years. They offer six high-quality club program subscriptions. They were dealing with a legacy Order Management system to manage their subscriptions. Now, they have a modern and efficient way to handle their subscription-based orders.

    All cases

    Keeping track of the complete order cycle

    Marello’s omnichannel Order Management software is the engine for order processes from start to finish: From an order being placed to fulfillment and the customer using the product.

    A screenshot of tracking orders in Marello

    Omnichannel management

    With all the features of the Marello Order Management System, you can add new sales channels including brick-and-mortar stores, webshops, and marketplaces. Enable tracking inventory, sales, returns & refunds, customer information, and more.

    Real-time inventory levels

    Inventory levels change continuously. Marello’s Inventory Management keeps track of inventory mutations in your warehouses and sales channels in real-time. Manage inventory locations and inventory across channels in one unified platform.

    Quick Returns & Refunds

    Synchronize and control how returned products move between distribution centers, shops, and customers. With the benefits of the Marello Order Management software, you can put in place an efficient returns stream and make returned products available for sale again as soon as possible.

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    Measure your performance

    With Marello’s business intelligence you can set up analyses to get the information you need to monitor your business, such as revenue per sales channel and best-selling products. Before making immediate decisions analyze data in real-time.

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