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Order Fulfillment

Fulfill orders efficiently, anywhere, anytime

With Marello’s Order Fulfillment System (OFS) fulfillment can be managed from a single unified platform. It is a tool for businesses to fulfill orders efficiently from their inventory, regardless of whether the order was placed in a webshop or marketplace. Spend valuable time growing your business by automating and controlling order fulfillment.

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    Key Benefits

    • Choose preferred shipping methods
      Ship from a central warehouse, drop ship or fulfill orders from a brick-and-mortar store.

    • Smart Order Routing
      Automatically route your orders based on optimal routing business rules.

    • Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS)
      Omnichannel capabilities: fulfill and ship orders from brick-and-mortar stores.

    • Smart Automation Features
      Automate the creation packing slips for your orders, print it or send it by email.

    “We were looking for a system to strengthen our omnichannel proposition and improve our order fulfillment. We chose Marello because it offers many powerful features that we needed out-of-the-box."

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    A Flexible Solution

    Success story

    The Coffee Mate group consists of 6 companies and operates in 8 countries. These have 35 sales channels in total, including 10 webshops and 17 stores. This brought along many challenges, including keeping track of the order fulfillment in all these channels.

    All cases

    Sales from start to finish


    Take a look at Marello's powerful features to streamline fulfillment in a single unified platform.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is smart order routing supported?

    Marello’s order fulfillment system automatically routes your orders based on your preferred business rules whether you’re shipping from your own warehouses or drop shipping. WFA Rules (Warehouse Fulfillment Allocation) are business rules that can determine the optimal sourcing and order fulfillment route. WFA rules create the most efficient way to fulfill orders and offer a flexible way to assign shipments to warehouses.


    What shipping methods are supported?

    Whether you fulfill orders from a brick-and-mortar store, drop-ship, or ship from a central warehouse, with Marello’s Order Fulfillment System you choose the shipping method that best suits your fulfillment needs. The way you fulfill your orders will be boosted by flexible shipment capabilities.

    • 3rd party integrations
    • External fulfillment
    • Drop shipment
    • Split shipment
    • Ship-from-store

    What omnichannel features are available?

    Customers expect a seamless experience in the omnichannel both offline and online. They want the flexibility to pick it up their order themselves. This results in retailers having to make changes in their processes. The solution to this problem is using a DOP for processes such as: 

    • Ship from store
    • Buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS)
    • Inventory checks across stores