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 ERP vs DOP - ERP alternative

ERP Alternative

Why DOP will replace ERP

Looking for an ERP alternative? A DOP, known as a Digital Operations Platform, is a solution that is used to centralize and unify all data streams related to back-office operations. A DOP takes on the most essential commerce operations but is much more flexible, future-proof, and cost-efficient.

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    Why choose DOP as an ERP alternative

    • Unlimited flexibility
      44% of organizations say their ERP is inflexible. In contrast to ERPs, DOP technology is designed to support workflows that can be configured on the go.

    • Shorter implementation times
      74% of ERP projects take longer than expected. With a DOP, implementation times are a lot shorter and can be introduced into your operational strategy gradually.

    • Very cost-effective
      Many ERP projects go over budget. DOPs are much less costly to implement and start-up times are much shorter making it a very cost-effective platform.

    • Automate important operations
      92% of ERPs need manual actions to transfer data between platforms. A DOP ensures full data automation, unifying all data streams into a single platform.

    Replacing the ERP with a DOP has resulted in simplified operations. It is saving precious time, while also cutting back on maintenance costs. It has enabled a better focus on sales processes, leading to a significant increase in sales.

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    A Flexible Solution

    Improved Operations, Increased Sales

    Recommerce Group was dealing with decentralized management of its omnichannel back-office processes due to the use of an ERP. They were looking for an ERP alternative to manage their sales and streamline their inventory, order management, offline B2B orders, supplier management, and invoices accordingly.

    They started using a DOP, and have since seen significant improvements in their operational management, leading to an increase in sales and better customer satisfaction.

    All cases

    Streamline Operations


    Take a look at Marello's powerful features to streamline any digital operation in a single unified platform

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I look for an ERP Alternative?

    In 2023 half of the commerce businesses are planning to work on their digital solutions. The most critical looked at solutions: legacy ERP systems. They are a crucial part of commerce solutions, but they’re too slow, lack intelligence and they’re too complex.

    Does a DOP support 3rd party integrations?

    In contrast to ERPs, DOPs are built to support any integration with 3rd party software. Think of Order Management systems, warehouse software, Customer Relationship Management, and more. This ensures full data automation, unifying all data streams into a single platform.

    What operations are supported?

    Marello DOP automates the most important operations in commerce. It allows businesses to streamline the sales process from start to finish. Take a look at the features to find out more.

    Does a DOP support omnichannel sales?

    Yes, Marello supports multi-channel sales (eCommerce, marketplaces, apps, POS), and multi-inventory locations (buy online pick up in-store, split shipments, drop shipment).