Customer Management - Marello: Order and Inventory Management
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Customer Management

Marello’s Customers Management makes sure you can access a customer’s info, anywhere, anytime.

As in any business, keeping customers happy is key to ensuring sales. An important part of that process is informing customers about their order. Knowing an order was received, when it will be shipped and when it will reach them is essential to the customer experience. Also, whenever a customer has questions, sales reps should be able to look up the information easily.

  • General Customer Information
    • Customer accounts
    • Email adress
    • Shipping Adress
    • Company name

  • Order history
    • Order history
    • Order numbers
    • Order status
    • Grand totals

  • Returns & Refunds
    • Return & Refund history
    • Return & Refund status
    • Return & Refund workflows
    • Additional comments