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Subscription Management is a family-owned business operating in the United States for over 25 years. They offer six high-quality club program subscriptions. The club program allows ordering from different beer, wine, cigar, cheese, chocolate and flower clubs. Additionally, they sell individual products from past subscription months as reorders. Subscriptions can be ordered for yourself or as a gift.

8000 Product Records

Automated Order Workflows

95.000 Customer Records

Subscription Models out-of-the-box

Challenge was dealing with a legacy Order Management System to manage their subscription orders. There were various challenges that they were dealing with:

  • Ordered products had to be manually sent to fulfillment centers.
  • Monthly payments had to be sent out manually.
  • Orders from the eCommerce platform Magento had to be manually exported to the legacy OMS.
  • Customer and order data were not synced between Magento and the OMS. Therefore, there were data differences.


Marello’s existing features were extended with a flexible custom subscription management module.

Through a real-time integration with Magento, the order processes are completely automated, from an order being placed to it being fulfilled. In Marello, orders are defined as either subscriptions or reorders.

Based on a predefined schedule, Marello created order files that are sent to fulfillment centers. These automations remove the chance of human errors that were previously caused by manual errors.

It also helps to free up its employees to focus on customer care, as each order and customer can be tagged and commented on which helps customer service easier navigate through orders, prepare reports, quickly address customer questions.


Monthly clubs unified platform makes sure data is fully synced between Marello and third-party software at all times. Monthly clubs has integrated the following technologies:

  • Magento 2 for online sales
  • PayPal PSP for accepting payments
  • Payment Gateway to automatically capture payments
  • Shipstation for fulfillment

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Marello was implemented by our partner Scandiweb. Drop them a line to learn more about this case, or to discuss your case. Want to information from us, please contact us.

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