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The Coffee Mate

True omnichannel: 6 companies, 35 sales channels

The Coffee Mate is an international omnichannel retailer for coffee and coffee machines, operating in Europe under locally created names in each market. They focus on extraordinary sales experience and high-quality production.

The journey to success began in 2010, in Lithuania, when two friends decided to pursue their dream in the coffee business. The passion for coffee and a circle of friends grew rapidly. Now, according to a "Business research center group" study, The Coffee Mate is one of the leading retailers in the coffee and coffee machine industry in Baltic states.


  • A true omnichannel platform

  • Used in 6 companies: 35 sales channels including 10 e-shops, 17 stores

  • Invoice management, customer management, order management and more

  • Payments and shipping

  • Integrations with POS, PIM, e-shops, carriers, accounting systems, CRM and banks

  • Replaced the legacy system


The Coffee Mate is a true omnichannel company. They are active in 6 companies in different countries. These have 35 sales channels in total, including 10 e-shops and 17 stores. This brought along many challenges, including keeping track of the sales processes in all these channels.

In the past, the sales channels were managed with a monolithic legacy system. However, with the ever-changing commerce landscape, and The Coffee Mate’s rapid expansion, the system was no longer able to keep track of all the processes. Therefore, a new system needed to be put in place – a system that would help them to manage all of their omnichannel processes within one platform.

A Truly Integrated Platform

By choosing Marello, The Coffee Mate has been able to unify all omnichannel processes in 35 sales channels.

These are some feature highlights of their platform:

  • Invoice Management;
  • Business customers;
  • Internal transfer orders;
  • Inter-company orders;
  • Payments and shipping;

Also, The Coffee Mate has integrated Marello with third-party software, including POS, Akeneo PIM, Woocommerce, OroCRM, multiple carriers, accounting systems and banks (including exchange rates).

This has resulted in a powerful unified platform, in which all omnichannel processes are supported.

Why did They Choose Marello?

The Coffee Mate chose Marello because of its powerful capabilities for omnichannel businesses, and the agility it offers in the development process:

“We were looking for a system to strengthen our omnichannel proposition. We chose Marello because it offers many powerful features that we needed out-of-the-box. Also, as we are experienced with PHP and Symfony, Marello offered us the possibility to apply needed customization. Another benefit: the platform and system are constantly updated with new features and technical upgrades, which means the system is always up to date with the latest trends and technologies.” – Ernestas Pociunas, IT Manager

Want to Know More?

Want to know more about Marello’s omnichannel proposition? Drop us a line, we’d be happy to tell you more. Want to experience Marello first-hand? Ask us for a demo!

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