B2C Order Management System - Marello: Order Management System
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A B2C Order Management System for Retail

How Marello will answer to your business needs.

The ways in which products are bought and sold have changed dramatically over the last years. B2C customers have become more demanding, expecting an excellent customer journey and buying products across channels. This asks for a flexible B2C Order Management System that can handle quick change and supports the customer journey.


Marello’s B2C Order Management System has a set of comprehensive features that streamline back-office processes in order to answer to today’s business needs. What is unique is its wide range of capabilities to support and enhance omni-channel business and pure-players with a customer focus. Marello’s B2C Order Management features make sure that you will never run out of stock, can easily handle returns and refunds and handles orders through automated workflows.

The ways in which products are being marketed and sold have changed dramatically over the last five years. Omni-channel retailing is seen as an opportunity for retailers to assure their future success. Marello has a set of comprehensive features that will help to streamline omni-channel back-office processes.

In B2C, shoppers return large amounts of products. Especially in fashion, where 30% of the items consumers buy online are returned. This calls for a system that can effectively handle the returns and refunds.

Many retailers are struggling with their inventory management: an item can sell out in one shop, but still be available in another. To solve this, Marello ensures that inventory levels are sufficient and available in all channels by providing you with at-a-glance control over what’s in stock where.

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