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 b2b environment in Marello where Purchase Order Management is shown by two trucks who drive to manufacturing locations


Manufacturers, Wholesale and Distributors

The B2B eCommerce industry is growing. B2B businesses such as wholesalers, brands, and manufacturers are increasingly selling their products online. As the B2B eCommerce market is growing, so are customer expectations. B2B buyers expect the same buying experiences as they are used in B2C eCommerce environments. In order to satisfy B2B buyers online, streamlining operations is vital. Marello allows companies to centralize all back-office data, empowering business-to-business with real-time insights into their operations.

Benefits of Unified Commerce for B2B

  • Centralize Information
    Whether your products are sold by phone, email or in your webshop, all your orders and inventory will be registered in a central platform. Empower you business with accurate, consistent and reliable data, regardless of where and when customers place their orders.

  • Empower Omnichannel Sales
    Selling in multiple channels? Seamlessly streamline multichannel or omnichannel strategies within your business. Integrate any sales channel and keep real-time track of orders, inventory, customers, fulfillment and much more.

  • Exceed Customer Expectations
    B2B customers have high standards. They expect the service they know from offline buying processes to be the same online. By keeping track off all customer interactions in one platform, your business can offer an unprecedented customer service.

  • Reduce Supply Chain Complexity
    Keeping track of order processes and warehouses across the globe can be a challenge. Centralize orders and inventory data, and gain control over inventory across the globe. Register orders and follow picking, packing and shipping, allowing you to track orders from start to finish.

Dealing with Complexity in B2B Commerce

B2B online orders are usually complex than the B2C online sales. Often B2B sales deal with a higher cost of customers acquisition, longer buying cycles and advanced integrations with punchout systems and EDI.

Often many different software solutions are used to deal with the processes surrounding B2B sales. However, existing solutions often turn out to be less flexible and future-proof than expected and don’t keep pace with the new dynamics of commerce.

Using a Unified Commerce Management system helps to overcome the challenges in business-to-business operations.

A Unified B2B Commerce Platform

Marello’s Unified Commerce Management platform has all of the main functionality you’ll need including sales channel management, order management, inventory management, purchasing and supplier management, CRM, fulfillment, fulfillment, and more.

As these systems are tailored towards the unique complexities that wholesale, manufacturers, and brands represent. Add your workflows in the system to adhere to best practices and provide the seamless buying experiences that your B2B clients are demanding.

The best thing? You can integrate any operation and access the data. Grow your commerce business with a unique Unified Commerce Management experience that allows you to sell and fulfill anywhere while using just one piece of software, one single version of the truth.

Powerful B2B Features

  •  Omnichannel commerce shown by a laptop surrounded by sales channels

    Sales Channel Management

    Manage all B2B Channels

    Having a solid omnichannel eCommerce strategy comes with managing various sales channels. As professional buyers are accustomed to seamless buying across channels in B2C, they also want a seamless and consistent B2B experience, even when they switch between channels.

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  •  Boxes representing Order Management in a unified commerce management solution

    B2B Order Management

    Real-Time Order Tracking

    Get access to a single view of all orders across all B2B sales channels. Follow orders from start to finish. Allow for, efficient order management across channels and fulfillment types throughout the order lifecycle.

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  •  Inventory Management, with multi-warehouse management represented as boxes on a world map

    Inventory management

    Never Run out of Inventory

    Controle and oversee purchase orders, storage of inventory, and controlling the amount of product for sale. Ensure a sufficient inventory level in all channels by providing yourself with at-a-glance control over what’s in stock in your warehouses across the globe.

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  •  Customer management shown by a customer surrounded by ecommerce icons

    Business Customer Management

    Get to know your Customers

    The relationship with your B2B customers may be complex. By keeping track of all their information in one central database you can ensure a great customer service. Create customer data, keep a record of email communication, including invoices.

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  •  Truck with boxes to portray fulfillment system

    B2B Fulfillment

    Smart Order Fulfilllment

    With Marello’s fulfillment system, you choose the shipping method that best suits your fulfillment needs. Whether you fulfill orders from a central warehouse, drop-ship or send orders from your brick-and-mortar store. Flexible shipment features will improve the way you fulfill your orders.

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